Trepid (2022)
Following the loss of his mother, a young, silent boy must faces the shaky return of his estranged father, finding solace only in a kind homeless man.
Best Cinematography - Orange County Film Festival
In May of 2022, I received the award for Best Cinematography for my film Trepid. After many months of preparation and a rough 48 hours for execution, the award has inspired me to continue putting this mindset into every project I encounter.
Escape the Riddler: Escape Room - Official Trailer (2023)
You have arrived in town visiting your in-laws when you hear a freakish forced laugh. The Riddler’s goons have taken you and your group hostage. The Riddler is looking for a real superhero among you and trapped your group in a room full of challenges. Is there a hero in your midst who can beat The Riddler at his own game? Or will you run out of time and face the wrath of... The Riddler?Escape the Riddler: Escape Room - Official Trailer for Terminus Entertainment
Holi 2022 - South Asian Student Association Event (2022)
Highlights of the great event, Holi, the South Asian Student Association hosted in Irvine, California.
Hourglass (2022)
A young poet is driven insane by an hourglass that stops when he writes, forcing him to push away everyone he loves in favor of his art.